Congratulations, you’ve completed your NLC application! You should have received an email with your APPLICANT NUMBER. If you haven't, please call 888-LINEWORK (choose option 1), and an admission consultant will be happy to assist you.


We will now guide you through the enrollment process. If you have all the required documentation available, this should take approximately 30 minutes.

  • You do not need to complete the items in STEP 2 in any particular order. If you do not have all the required documents readily available, we encourage you to begin the enrollment process and complete as much as possible. You can stop at anytime and return where you left off.
  • STEP 2 requires a  LAB FEE and signed ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT. Once the lab fee is paid, all uploaded documents are verified and ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT signed, your seat in the campus and term you selected will be secured, and OPTIONAL COURSES will be available to you.
  • At NLC we are committed to maintaining a low student-to-instructor ratio; therefore, seats are limited. We encourage you to complete the enrollment process as soon as you’ve decided the NLC Electrical Lineworker Program is a fit for you.
  • Please watch the videos below; they are a fast, effective way to understand the required documents, and the best way to upload them with your smartphone or computer. 
  • All documents will be uploaded in the Enrollment Center using your APPLICANT NUMBER (sent to your email).

Questions? Call 888-LINEWORK (option 1). We are always here to help!


You will need to have an image of your driver's license available for upload. Having a valid and current driver’s license is required to attend Northwest Lineman College. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • You will be operating trucks and equipment that require you to have a driver’s license.
  • You must obtain a Class A commercial driver's license (Idaho) or a commercial learner’s permit (California and Texas) to graduate.

Many power and construction companies require lineworkers to drive line trucks and bucket trucks to and from the jobsite. This requires that the driver possess a Class A commercial driver’s license. Some students already have their CDL before coming to NLC, which is strongly encouraged. If you plan on earning your commercial driver's license or commercial learner’s permit (depending on which campus you attend) while attending school, you need to call the DMV of the state where you’ll be attending to make sure you are eligible.

Because this is a graduation requirement, it’s important to ensure nothing interferes with your ability to secure the license or permit before the end of the term. Specific driving infractions and other factors prohibit a person from obtaining a CDL; NLC requires that you determine whether or not you are eligible prior to enrolling. If you have questions concerning eligibility, contact your local DMV.


Please upload an image of your valid driver's license in the enrollment center below.


The Electrical Lineworker Program (and linework in general) is physically demanding. For this reason, we require that you take a physical and get a doctor’s approval to participate in the program. Please download the Medical Release (click the form below) to print and take with you to your physical. Once completed by an approved healthcare professional, upload the document to the ENROLLMENT CENTER.

If you don’t have a printer, call the doctor’s office and ask if you can email the form—most offices are happy to accommodate!

What kind of doctor do you need to go to?
Any of the following licensed medical professionals are acceptable:

  • Licensed physician/surgeon
  • Osteopathic physician/surgeon
  • Advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP)
  • Physician’s assistant (PA)

Click HERE to Download Physical Form.



To attend NLC, you must be a high-school graduate or have a GED. If you’ve graduated, we'll need your official high-school transcript, stamped and sealed. There are a few ways to obtain this.

Option A: Obtain it digitally via Parchment (see directions here)

Option B: Contact your high school and have them mail it to NLC directly (see directions here)

If you are graduating this year, please send an official progress report for now; then be sure to send an official stamped and sealed transcript once you graduate.


 If you've earned a GED, please upload a copy of your GED transcript in the ENROLLMENT CENTER. If you need help finding your GED transcript, try here.


Your lab fee is used to purchase supplies and materials, you'll be using in the electrical equipment lab. Use the ENROLLMENT CENTER to make this payment. 

See catalog policies for state-specific information on lab fee refunds at


What's Next?

·      Please allow our admissions department three business days to review your enrollment documents.
·      Once all enrollment documents are accepted, you will be emailed an enrollment agreement via DocuSign.
·      If there are incomplete documents, an admissions consultant will contact you to assist with completion of your enrollment.
·      If you have not received an enrollment agreement, or have not been contacted by an admissions consultant within one week, please call us at 888-LINEWORK  (option 1).