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Having a valid and current driver’s license is required to attend Northwest Lineman College. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • You will be operating trucks and equipment that require you to have a driver’s license and
  • You will need to obtain a Class A CDL (Idaho) or a CDL Learner’s Permit (California and Texas) to graduate.

Some students already have their CDL before coming to NLC, which is great and strongly encouraged. If you plan on earning your CDL (Idaho) or CDL Learner’s Permit (California and Texas) while you’re attending school, you need to call the DMV of the state where you’ll be attending to make sure you are eligible to do so. Because this is a requirement for graduation, it’s important to make sure that nothing will get in the way of obtaining your license or learner’s permit. 

Please upload a copy or photo of your valid driver’s license and sign the statement that you are eligible to participate in the required training to earn a CDL (Idaho) or CDL Learner’s Permit (California and Texas) in the form below:

Please see instructions for uploading documents from your smartphone here.