Next Steps

Message from Northwest Lineman College President, Aaron Howell.

Congradulations on your enrollment at Northwest Lineman College. Below are ne


Proof of Insurance  Please provide proof of insurance at least two weeks prior to the first day of class, as well as on the first day of class. Eligible proof must include:
The name of the student as a member covered
Effective dates of coverage
Enrollment ID Number, Policy Number, Group ID Number, etc.
Please note, most insurance cards do not have all of this information included. In that case, please obtain a Certificate of Coverage from the insurance company directly. Click here for more info.

Housing If you have not yet confirmed your housing arrangements, now is the time! NLC has partnered with Collegiate Housing Services to make this process as simple as possible. Click here for more info.

Funding If you do not yet have funding secured, you will want to do so as soon as possible. Click here for more info.

Tools Depending on the team you’ll be a part of, your tool fitting will take place either the second or third day of class. You’ll need to come prepared to pay for your tools with cash, check, credit card, or using your Sallie Mae loan funds. If you’re not sure whether your tools will be covered by your loan funds, G.I. Bill, Department of Labor funding, or in general, please call our Student Account Services prior to coming to campus to check on your status. It is our pleasure to help you with this, and appreciate as much notice as possible!

CDL We want you to be successful in the trade. For this reason, we require that you get your Class A Commercial Drivers License to graduate. The good news is, you can take care of it before you come to campus—and we encourage you to do so! If you planned on paying for your CDL with your Sallie Mae funds, that money will be included in your living expense disbursement(s). Otherwise, please plan on paying $55 to the Idaho DMV for the written test, and $270 to NLC for the practical test (this fee will be voided if you obtain your CDL before the start of the term). Visit for all the resources you’ll need.

Sallie Mae Disbursements If you are receiving funding from Sallie Mae, and you are expecting funds for living expenses, please note that the money for living expenses will be given in two disbursements: 50% on the first day (or week, depending on the date your loan is approved, processed, and funds are released), and the other 50% midway through the term (typically around week 8). For questions regarding the specifics of your disbursements, please contact our Student Accounts Department.

First day:

Check-In please be on campus by 8:00 am. At that time, our great staff will check you in and point you in the right direction.  please bring a lunch (we have refrigerators and microwaves on campus), your driver’s license, and proof of insurance (even if you’ve already provided it—better safe than sorry). A pen and notebook will probably come in handy too! We’ll provide the rest.

What to Wear The dress code is simple: jeans or work pants (Carhartts, for example) and a clean, plain t-shirt on the first day; we will issue Northwest Lineman College shirts to wear from then on. You will also need two button-down shirts, a tie, and nice pants (khakis or dress pants) for your Career Planning and Strategies class and graduation. Hats are not allowed in the building, so please leave them at home or in your vehicle.  

Prescription Medications To insure your safety and the safety of your fellow students, we require that students provide copies of all prescription medications they take. Please bring a copy of each of your prescription medications on the first day to provide to the Administrative Coordinator.  Please note, Northwest Lineman College adheres to federal laws concerning marijuana, and will not accept a prescription for medical marijuana. If a student tests positive for marijuana use, with or without a prescription, they will be terminated from the Electrical Lineworker Program.  Please see the drug and alcohol policy as it’s written in the course catalog for further information.

We’ve covered the basics, but if you have any questions at all please call me! I’m happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have.