We are deploying a new online application and student Portal.  Please go to https://nlc.force.com/portal to access the portal.   Click the "sign up" button to create a new account.   Then check your email for instructions on how to set your password and login to the portal. Questions contact us at: 800 338 8875



To attend NLC, you must be a high-school graduate or have a GED. If you’ve graduated, we'll need your official high-school transcript, stamped and sealed. There are a few ways to obtain this.

Option A) Obtain it digitally, via Parchment (see directions here.)

Option B) Contact your high school and have them mail it to NLC directly. (see directions here.)

  If you are graduating this year, please send an official progress report for now; then be sure to send an official stamped and sealed transcript once you graduate.

 Option C) If you've earned your GED, please upload a copy of your GED certificate. If you need help finding it, try here.

GED Upload

 C) If you earned a GED, please upload a copy of your GED transcript in the Document Portal. If you need help finding your GED transcript, try here.

Please see instructions for uploading documents from your smartphone here.