Tuition Funding Information Center

ELP Scholarships

Get help paying for your tuition and fees. There are several scholarships offered through the power industry and community support groups that ELP students are eligible for. The best way to locate these scholarships are through specific internet searches. Using key phrases such as "Power Industry Scholarships" will provide you with many resources. Another great source for scholarship and grant information would be your city, county, and state community foundations. Below you will find current scholarships available to ELP students and links to some community foundations as well.

Idaho Community Foundation

Inland Power

Morgan County REA

Columbia REA 2012 Jeff Meredith Lineman Scholarship

Andrew York Memorial Scholarship

Community Foundation of North Central Washington

The Brandon T Michel Scholarship Fund

The Fallen Lineman Foundation for residents of North Carolina

UEC Umatilla Electric Cooperative’s Lineman College Scholarship Program

Wyoming Rural Electric Association Lineman Scholarship and Dar Hackworth Lineman Scholarship


Idaho Power Scholarship

Wells Rural Electric Company 




VA Voc Rehab for Veterans

Idaho Department of Labor Veterans link


Pave offers 24 or 36 month loan options, ranging from $3,000 - $25,000. These funds can be used to pay for NLC's Electrical Lineworker Program or for relocation/moving expenses associated. Click here for more info.


Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae offers comprehensive information and resources to assist students, parents and guidance professionals with financial assistance. Sallie Mae is well established and has worked with students who attend Northwest Lineman College. Many lenders have ceased to offer or make private loans for various reasons. However, you are free to do research with other private loan lenders. For more information on financial assistance through Sallie Mae, please click the NLC campus you wish to attend below:

Idaho Campus  

California Campus 

Texas Campus

Mountain America Credit Union (Idaho Campus only)

Mountain America Credit Union is a trusted lender who works directly with the Idaho NLC campus to offer our ID students private student loans; click the here to research the options MACU offers our ID students meeting the prescribed minimum criteria:

*      A Northwest Lineman Student applying for the Idaho NLC campus
*      A Student who resides in or works in and/or works for employers within Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, & New Mexico

Other possible funding sources

Students or their families who may belong to a church or any other type of civic-minded organization, like Boys Scouts or 4H, please keep in mind you could qualify for scholarships with one or more of these types of organizations. Typically Rotary Clubs, Various Woman’s Organizations & American Legions or VFWs will also offer small scholarships that help lighten the financial load of funding education