Idaho CDL information

It is a great idea to get your CDL licensing prior to the start of your term. CDL testing /requirements very from state-to-state so check your local DMV for specifics. Having a CDL license is required to attend NLC so getting this step out of the way before the start of your will let you hit the ground running. If you do not know how to drive a vehicle with a standard transmission, that is a good place to start.


Electrical linework often requires the use of large, heavy equipment that must be driven to and from the job site. Because of this, most utility and construction companies require their lineworkers to possess a Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL).  For this reason, to graduate from the Electrical Lineworker Program, students must obtain their Class A CDL License (Idaho campus) or CDL Learner’s Permit (California and Texas campuses) prior to graduation.
Rules and regulations for acquiring a Class A commercial driver’s license vary greatly from state to state, resulting in different CDL requirements for students, depending on campus. Please refer to the state requirements below to determine what is required to obtain a CDL or CDL permit in the states where NLC campuses are located.
While all students are required to obtain their Class A CDL license (Idaho campus), or Class A CDL Learner’s Permit (California and Texas campuses), prior to receiving their graduation certificate, students are strongly encouraged to obtain them prior to attending the Electrical Lineworker Program. Doing so helps ensure that there is no delay in obtaining the license or permit, due to lengthy processes in state DMV offices.

The video to the right will help you prepare for the CDL exam.

Below are the current state regulations to obtain a CDL that will apply to you if you wait to obtain your CDL until you get to campus, or if you happen to already be a resident of Idaho:


At the Idaho Campus, Northwest Lineman College offers on-campus CDL testing on NLC equipment.
For more detailed information on the listed steps, please visit:  

To obtain a Class A CDL with air brakes endorsement in the State of Idaho, one must:

  • Obtain a CDL manual at a DMV or at
  • Obtain a DOT medical card.
  • Visit the County Sheriffs DMV
  • Complete a Self Certification of Driving Category form.
  • Take the required written tests.
  • Obtain a Skills Test Receipt.
  • Obtain a CDL Instruction Permit.
  • Take the Skills Test.